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You are on the famous Twitter network ?
You have followers ?
You want to thank them for the following ?
But you don't know (or don't remember) who started to follow you this week ?

Thanks4follow will help you to manage this.Just create an account and declare your twitter account, then Thanks4Follow will do the rest !

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Thanks4follow features
Send messages on your timeline !

The welcome messages are sent on your twitter timeline easily for each of your declared twitter accounts.

Customize followers message

Very easy to configure, just use the predefined keywords in the messages and that's all.!

Follow easily your new followers

You can easily follow your new followers in your admin panel

History of the sent messages (timeline or DM)

The history of the messages sent by the application is kept on your admin panel. !

Manage multiple twitter accounts

You can easily configure multiple twitter accounts for twelcome messages. Each twitter account has its own messages !

Multilingual messages !

You can customize your messages in few languages and T4F will send them to the appropriate followers !

Tweet on the fly

You can also tweet normal message on your admin panel for each of your account. No need to login/logout from!

Direct messages !

Your welcome messages can also be send by twitter direct messages.

Automatic sending

The application can send messages on timeline or direct message automatically. Just a simple configuration and that's ok.

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